For Sellers

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your home or condo, first impressions are everything. A prospective buyer will decide in a single glance if they want to consider purchasing your home, or even step inside and take a look. How does your home look at first glance? Stand on the sidewalk in front of your home and take a good long look.  If it's a condo you want to keep it clean and simple, sometimes less is more. 

What you do with your front garden, walkway and entrance will help you tempt the most discerning buyer. Follow these guidelines to ensure your property has plenty of curb appeal.

Drive By

Compare your home to the others on the street. How does it measure up? The yard should be clean and well kept, with the eaves having a crisp and clean appearance. A touch up of exterior paint can go a long way as well to attract buyers. The garden and front walkway should look inviting and approachable. If you are the nicest looking house on the street why wouldn't people be interested, right?  

Weed and feed

Even if your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood, take the time to ensure that any edges are neatly trimmed and the area is relatively free of weeds. If new sod is required, plant it as soon as possible, since it will take a few weeks to blend in with the rest of the grass. Add a splash of life to your porch or window boxes with colourful plants. And keep your garden neat year-round. Even in winter months, shrubs and trees look their best with old leaves and growth cleared away.

Night vision

Don’t forget about what your home’s exterior looks like once the sun sets. Savvy home buyers have been known to swing by properties of interest at all hours. Is your front yard still inviting in the dark? Are walkways well lit or do children even pass by your house on Halloween because it’s too darn scary? It could be as simple as changing your front porch fixture or adding some solar-powered garden lights to give your yard some evening appeal.

A warm welcome

Polish up the doorknobs and dust off the welcome mat! One thing that a lot of homeowners overlook is the placement of their house number.  Being able to see it from the street is important, better still, purchase some striking new numbers to identify your home with. Now stand on your front porch. Do you feel welcome? Take note of what your eye is drawn to first, whether positive or negative, and make any adjustments if necessary.

Condo Care

If you are selling your Condo it's important to keep the window blinds open to let as much light in as possible, you want to make it feel as big as possible. Keeping it clean is a must and try to keep the furniture to a minimum. Having a simple, clean and clutter free condo makes it feel much more open and inviting for potential buyers. Luckily all of these tips will be reviewed and I will be here to help at every stage of the process, I'm the Invested Agent remember? :)