Behind the Scenes

As a young man, Steven Pargetter worked as a Paramedic and in that time gained invaluable experience in human interaction and overall compassion and care for others in their time of need. After so many years of dealing with a multitude of stressful events and scenarios, he has been able to look at life from a very unique angle. This unique angle, with an understanding of what people really need in their particular situation and moment in life, is what makes him a Realtor like no other. The calm demeanor and quiet confidence that comes with years of handling emergencies will put you instantly at ease, knowing everything is under control.

Over the years, he realized that he had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and mind that needed an outlet, which led him to property investment and real estate. The passion grew from there and has allowed him to help people in a different way now. With his extensive network of investment properties throughout Toronto and the Durham Region, he has formed relationships as a Real Estate Agent and has built important connections that benefit his clients.

He loves living and working as a full-time Realtor in downtown Toronto and sees the massive potential this great city has going forward. Toronto is world-class and will continue to grow in the years to come, he is excited to be a part of it all by helping people find the future they deserve and want. 

In his spare time, Steven enjoys all types of sports: Kitesurfing, paddle boarding, Muay Thai, mountain biking and really anything that involves fitness and fun is a true passion and enjoyment. His positive attitude and love of life shines through and he truly cares about the people he interacts with throughout his day; it's ingrained in him. A closed mind is a door shut to infinite possibilities. For this reason he is always up for new adventures and good times with family and friends.